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Storefront’s Project About Connecting through Education (SPACE)

SPACE is one currently ongoing project of the Innovation in Teaching and Learning Think Tank Collaborative of our Pilsen Storefront. In the wake of the corona virus pandemic, we created this virtual SPACE to engage in critical conversations about current issues and needs in our communities.


In our SPACE, we jointly identify societal themes and issues that would prompt the sort of critical conversations that must be had with a vast diversity of stakeholders. We emphasize non-judgmental but highly critical discourse to amplify voices of everyone affected by what is happening in our world so that we can authentically identify needs and solutions in our communities.  Our “commons” is a space for collectively posing problems, deeply considering a broad variety of perspectives, and suggesting and implementing action for contextual solutions that have been vetted by a multiversity of individuals.


Toward these ends, we have chosen “teaching and learning” in the broadest sense: Exchanging ideas and reflecting on disparate values as presented by these many voices to then move to action. Hence, SPACE may host community college educators, adult learners in literacy programs, activists, bankers, artists, workers, students in higher education programs, entrepreneurs, or elected officials. In short, residents from all walks of life come together to share their vantage point on a given issue.      


A Call for Action after discussions then intends to encourage commitment from attendees to:

  • connect with existing community movements
  • plan activities
  • coordinate events or initiate new ones.

Outcomes of Actions 

Annual Professional Development Institute

This event seeks to promote Innovations in education. Participants highlight adult education practices that have been key among alternatives to conventional schooling as well as traditional education programming. We bring together a wide range of cross-sector stakeholders to inform education and training curricula and formats with an eye toward paradigm-shifting concepts in educating adults and youth. Social-situated, competence-based, popular education, and learner-directed approaches to teaching and learning are at the heart of the annual Institute’s agenda.


Other Outcomes of Actions 

  • SHIFT Initiative
  • IFOTS Symposium
  • DPU Gobal Engagement Webinar
  • International Engagements
  • Associates Projects
  • Inaugural Institute

Upcoming Events

Past Events