Pursuing the vision through this small hub on 1920 W. Cermack Road

Action, Activities, Initiatives, Events, and Services

In our community space, online, around town, and internationally, The Pilsen Storefront collaborates with new and established groups and with individuals to support and advocate for conjointly identified and shared goals. Overall, our mutual support work through The Pilsen Storefront connects individuals and communities to build unity among us by means of reciprocal teaching and learning through educational events, music, visual art, performance art events; communal installations; networking; and sharing resources.

We do so within a three-fold approach that strengthens collaboration, coordination, and peace-promotion through Community Connexxions, the Pilsen Artist and Artesian Cooperative, or the Innovation in Teaching and Learning Think Tank Collaborative.

The Pilsen Storefront: A Galeria and Community

The Pilsen Storefront: Galeria and Community Space

"Dr. G" Strohschen, Kim Thomas, and Taigo Onez

Pursuing our vision through this small hub here on 1920 W. Cermak Road.